[ipxe-devel] Surface devices having an issue with EFI timers

Sebastian Roth sebaroth at gmx.de
Thu Sep 28 20:08:57 UTC 2017

Hi Michael,

thanks for your quick answer and hints!

> Could you possibly test commit a8f80a7? If that works, then it would
> be worth using http://ipxe.org/howto/bisect to find the most recent
> cause of failure.

2017-09-24	1b67a05		ok
2017-09-24	c4ce925		ok
2017-09-24	0631a46		ok
2017-09-22	74d90b3		ok
2017-09-18	7428ab7		ok
2017-09-13	d46c53c		hang
2017-09-05	3ae70be		ok
2017-06-21	9ccd8fe		ok
2017-05-23	993fd2b		ok
2017-03-27	6bd0060		ok
2017-03-19	6324227		ok
2017-02-27	a8f80a7		ok
2017-01-26	302f1ee		won't boot at all
2017-01-25	d37e025		ok
2016-12-07	5cf5ffe		ok
2016-12-07	e09331a		hang

Looks like we are mostly fine on the Surface but also there are some
problematic versions. Though I don't really see what exactly is causing
the hang.

> Also, which iPXE binary are you using? We've encountered some
> failures on the Surface due to the extremely buggy UNDI driver that
> Microsoft provides

We use the 64 bit ipxe.efi binary.


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