[ipxe-devel] Error code 280860 : link down, driver not loaded ?

Géraud Guibert GGuibert at oceanet-technology.com
Wed Sep 27 07:48:58 UTC 2017

Hello everyone,

I'm facing a first problem in ipxe with the error code 280860 !?

-> Generated two bootable medias, one with embedded script and the other without

1) When booting the first, route and ifstat return this code, link is down and network unreachable

2) When doing the same with the second, got 2 scenari :

    2.1) If CTRL+b too quickly, then same behaviour...

    2.2) Otherwise got the message [link:UP] printed and CTRL+b permits to config + route + ifstat successfully
with the same parameters used in the embedded script.

? So, if I'm rigth, it' a matter of time-out to let the driver being loaded and funtionnal, no ?

? How could we force this time-out before the embedded script is being executed ?
Tried a sleep 10 in the embedded script without success...


Sincerely yours.

Geraud Guibert
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