[ipxe-devel] Question involving implementing iPXE on WDS.

Collin Zuiderwijk collin.zuiderwijk at student.rocleiden.nl
Fri Jun 23 12:00:53 UTC 2017

Dear iPXE developers,

I am a student currently working on a project. The implementation of a iPXE netboot system over DHCP/TFTP. I build and configured a complete Windows deployment server (WDS). Now for booting Images other then windows on UEFI netboot i want to use iPXE. But i walked into a small inconvenience.

On the WDS i implemented the ipxe.efi file unto the RemoteInstall\boot\x64uefi\ folder and i assigned the file to my WDS. it is booting the iPXE properly and it is all working out fine. But there is one small thing. I don' t know how to make a "boot menu" for the IPXE. I found a scripted program online but i didn' t know how or where to implement it in the WDS servers directories.

If you or your team knows about how to work this, i would be very very happy! In the meanwhile i will keep searching for possible solutions.

I am waiting for a reply. thanks in advance!


Collin Zuiderwijk.
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