[ipxe-devel] iPXE doesn't load when using ISC Kea 1.1

Ledochowski, Roy roy.ledochowski at hpe.com
Wed Jan 4 23:48:55 UTC 2017

I'll check the Kea docs for that, thank you.  Any idea why the NIC  ROM doesn't seem to have a problem and iPXE does?

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On 04/01/17 23:35, Ledochowski, Roy wrote:
> iPXE> ipstat
> IP version 4:
>    InReceives: 4 inMcastPkts:0 InBcastPkts:0 InOctets:1316
>    InHrdErrors:0 InAddrErrors:4 InUnknownProtos:0 InTruncatedPkts:0
>    ReasmReqds:0 ReasmOKs:0 ReasmFails:0
>    InDelivers:0 OutRequests:4 OutNoRoutes:0
>    OutTransmits:4 OutMcastPkts:0 OutBcastPkts:4 OutOctets:1696

The only code path capable of generating InAddrErrors is


Check the destination MAC address that the DHCP server is using to send the broadcast reply.  It looks as though it's sending to a unicast MAC address (despite using the IPv4 broadcast address).


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