[ipxe-devel] Are you still developing?

Beau Hefley beauhefley at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 23:16:50 UTC 2017

Hello, everyone!

I am currently developing my own Operating System using osdev.org's 
excellent guide. I decided to stop using QEMU and get my old i386 
machine out of the garage. I didn't want to keep unplugging my flash 
drive and copying my new kernel for testing so I set up a webserver and 
put IPXE on a flash drive with a script to download another script from 
my webserver which downloads my kernel and boots it. It booted once, but 
then when I uploaded a new kernel, I got error /1c838002. That redirects 
to /1c8380, but the error page gives me no information.

My grub4dos entry:

title IPXE - Load boot script
echo Loading IPXE
find --set-root /IPXE.KRN
kernel /IPXE.KRN
initrd /loadscript.ipxe

My embedded script:


dhcp || goto retry_dhcp
echo Dhcp successful - Downloading boot script from http server

And my kernel loading script:


echo Grabbing Kernel

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