[ipxe-devel] start_pxebs() fetching ipv4 setting before opening xfer socket

Anoob Soman anoob.soman at citrix.com
Fri Feb 24 17:33:11 UTC 2017


In start_pxebs() (net/udp/dhcp.c), before doing xfer_open_socket(), fetch_ipv4_setting() makes sure that IP address (assigned during DHCP process) is set to dchp->local.sin_addr. This means, after DGRAM socket is opened, dhcp_pxebs_rx() cannot receive any broadcasted DHCP ACK packets. udp_demux will allow only packets unicasted to interface's IP address, to this open UDP connection. This breaks pxebs.

Would it be an sensible idea to move, fetch_ipv4_setting() after xfer_open_socket(), such that DGRAM socket is opened with dchp->local.sin_addr set to zero (just like start_dhcp()) or is there a different way to solve this problem.


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