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With UEFI you need to build the UEFI binary (snponly.efi) and point the UEFI systems to boot it when booting iPXE. In addition to that you will need to pass the initrd=initrd.img file on the kernel command line for UEFI systems to boot. 

initrd ${centos_6_initrd} || goto failed 
chain ${centos_6_vmlinuz} method=${centos_6_install_method} ip=dhcp ksdevice=bootif dhcptimeout=240 initrd=initrd.img || goto failed 
boot || goto failed 

----- On 24 Aug, 2017, at 22:53, Gavin Hagemeier <gavin.hagemeier at gmail.com> wrote: 

| Hi,
| Is there not a complete howto guide for setting up iPXE?
| I have setup PXE server and been working fine now the customer want me to cater
| for EFI automated installs for CentOS,RHEL,SLES,ESXi, HPE SPP's etc. I can get
| one technology working and then the other do not work.

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