[ipxe-devel] using pci to get the kernel up not working!!

Shubham Mittal shubham.mittal at nxp.com
Fri Apr 28 10:42:17 UTC 2017

Hi all,

i am able to use snp driver of iPXE to use DPAA2 driver of UEFI to get the kernel up.

i used the following command to build ipxe efi application:

make bin-arm64-efi/808610d3--snp--snponly.efi DEBUG=nii,snp,snponly

but i want to use pci to get the kernel up, so i used the following:

make bin-arm64-efi/808610d3--nii.efi DEBUG=nii

and also

make bin-arm64-efi/808610d3.efi

but its not working, when i choose the pci interface in the boot menu of UEFI,

i think it gets the ipxe application because it prints

..iPXE initialising devices...ok

no more network devices

press ctrl-B for the iPXE command line


Error: Image at ........ start failed: Device Error

can anyone expalin to me, what needs to be done to get it working...


Shubham Mittal
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