[ipxe-devel] SANBOOT/SANHOOK VMWARE Esxi 6.5 EFI

Michael Brown mbrown at fensystems.co.uk
Sun Apr 16 18:05:01 UTC 2017

The first error suggests that your UEFI firmware does not provide the EFI_ACPI_TABLE_PROTOCOL and so provides no way for iPXE to describe the iSCSI target.  You can work around this firmware problem by using --no-describe. Note that the booted OS will not be able to automatically locate the iSCSI target, since there will be no iBFT.

The second error is simply because you have attempted to hook two SAN targets using the same drive number.


On 16 April 2017 17:12:29 BST, "tiroNET::Martin Lugger" <martin.lugger at tironet.com> wrote:
>HI ipxe developers,
>it seems, that the support of SANBOOT EFI on VMWARE ESXi 6.5 on a
>"x86_x64 VM" and a "i386 VM" is not working
>ON the Bios based machines in VMWARE and on physical computers it is
>working well!
>I get the error "COULD NOT DESCRIBE SAN DEVICES: Operation not
>supported (http://ipxe.org/3c222083)
>I build the IPXE.EFI binaries via Rom-O-Matic website with the default
>Here is my IPXE script code snip and a attachment:
>set  root-path  iscsi:${iscsi-srv}:tcp:3260:0:${iscsi-target}          
>   ||
>sanboot  --drive=0x80 ${root-path}                                     
>                 ||
>                goto WinISCSIInst
>set  root-path  iscsi:${iscsi-srv}:tcp:3260:0:${iscsi-target}          
>   ||
>sanhook  --drive=0x80 ${root-path}                                     
>                ||
>goto WimbootWK                                                         
>                           ||
>Output in case of SANBOOT:
>Output in case of SANHOOK:
>COULD NOT OPEN SAN DEVICE: Error 0x0323209 (http://ipxe.org/03232094)
>Thank you for your help
>Mit freundlichen Grüßen
>DI Martin Lugger
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