[ipxe-devel] PCI bus problems

Sanchies, Giabo Giabo.Sanchies at gd-ms.com
Tue Apr 11 18:48:21 UTC 2017

  I have just recently started using iPXE to boot some of our headless systems and one particular piece of older HW always lists "No more network devices" when booting from USB key. When running the PCISCAN command nothing is returned and when navigating the config menu there is nothing populated for PCI or Network configuration. I Have tried other kernels such as tiny core and a simple RHEL instance and both can see the 5 NICs on this server but no luck with the iPXE kernel. Initially I thought this was driver related but the source has the drivers for 8086:105e so I am leaning toward not being able to scan the PCI bus correctly.

Any suggestion on what the problem could be, Bios options to check, or some debugging options to try/enable to see more verbose logs?

Thank you,
Giabo Sanchies
Software Engineer - Win-T Inc2

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