[ipxe-devel] blank screen, then back to grub. What to do next?

Ian Kelling ian at iankelling.org
Fri Oct 7 19:30:00 UTC 2016

On Fri, Oct 7, 2016, at 03:04 AM, Christian Nilsson wrote:
> Could it be that libreboot does not support bios calls? Can you boot and run DOS from libreboot? (Which is close to what ipxe does in legacy mode)
> One other possibility might be to compile a .rom for your nic and and include that in the firmware build. But still requires the same support for bios calls.
> Have you gotten any info from the folks at libreboot?

Just heard back from libreboot actually,

(10:02:05 AM) leah: IanKelling: use the ipxe payload. put it in cbfs and
configure seabios to load it (libreboot uses seabios+grub, with seabios
configured to boot grub first, in its bootorder)
(10:02:14 AM) leah: so you would modify the libreboot bootorder file to
boot ipxe
(10:02:19 AM) leah: I think you also need to add seavgabios
(10:03:03 AM) leah: libreboot only adds that on seabios-only systems. on
systems with seagrub (seabios+grub) it's not there *but* *but* the
seabios.elf is identical. I think you could probably just add the
seavgabios to the rom (it's build from seabios src)
(10:03:15 AM) leah: I know you certainly can use it, libreboot just
doesn't integrate it yet
(10:03:42 AM) leah: have a look at cbfstool and look at the bootorder
file in the rom
(10:03:52 AM) leah: modify that and add your ipxe.elf to the rom
(10:04:17 AM) leah: there is another way though. you could put a kernel
in flash, and configure that to kexec another kernel over the network,
using nfs

I'm probably going to go with the kexec route,
but this will be here in case anyone else wants to
persue getting ipxe working.

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