[ipxe-devel] [PATCH 1/6] ipxe: update submodule from 4e03af8ec to 041863191

Gerd Hoffmann kraxel at redhat.com
Fri Jun 24 12:39:12 UTC 2016


Andrew Widdersheim (1):
      [netdevice] Add "ifname" setting

Carl Henrik Lunde (1):
      [vmxnet3] Avoid completely filling the TX descriptor ring

Christian Hesse (2):
      [golan] Fix build error on some versions of gcc
      [ath9k] Fix buffer overrun for ar9287

Christian Nilsson (2):
      [intel] Add PCI device ID for another I219-V
      [intel] Add PCI device ID for another I219-LM

Hummel Frank (1):
      [intel] Add INTEL_NO_PHY_RST for I218-LM

Kyösti Mälkki (1):
      [intel] Add PCI IDs for i210/i211 flashless operation

Ladi Prosek (6):
      [pci] Add pci_find_next_capability()
      [virtio] Add virtio 1.0 constants and data structures
      [virtio] Add virtio 1.0 PCI support
      [virtio] Add virtio-net 1.0 support
      [virtio] Renumber virtio_pci_region flags
      [virtio] Fix virtio-pci logging

Leendert van Doorn (2):
      [tg3] Fix address truncation bug on 64-bit machines
      [tg3] Add missing memory barrier

Michael Brown (287):
      [settings] Re-add "uristring" setting type
      [dhcp] Do not skip ProxyDHCPREQUEST if next-server is empty
      [efi] Add definitions of GUIDs observed when booting shim.efi and grub.efi
      [efi] Mark EFI debug transcription functions as __attribute__ (( pure ))
      [efi] Remove raw EFI_HANDLE values from debug messages
      [efi] Include installed protocol list in unknown handle names
      [efi] Improve efi_wrap debugging
      [pxe] Construct all fake DHCP packets before starting PXE NBP
      [efi] Add definitions of GUIDs observed when booting wdsmgfw.efi
      [efi] Fix debug directory size
      [efi] Populate debug directory entry FileOffset field
      [build] Search for ldlinux.c32 separately from isolinux.bin
      [tcpip] Allow supported address families to be detected at runtime
      [efi] Allow calls to efi_snp_claim() and efi_snp_release() to be nested
      [efi] Fix order of events on SNP removal path
      [efi] Do not return EFI_NOT_READY from our ReceiveFilters() method
      [pxe] Populate ciaddr in fake PXE Boot Server ACK packet
      [uri] Generalise tftp_uri() to pxe_uri()
      [efi] Implement the EFI_PXE_BASE_CODE_PROTOCOL
      [usb] Expose usb_find_driver()
      [usb] Add function to device's function list before attempting probe
      [efi] Add USB headers and GUID definitions
      [efi] Allow efidev_parent() to traverse multiple device generations
      [efi] Add a USB host controller driver based on EFI_USB_IO_PROTOCOL
      [tcpip] Avoid generating positive zero for transmitted UDP checksums
      [usb] Generalise zero-length packet generation logic
      [ehci] Do not treat zero-length NULL pointers as unreachable
      [ehci] Support arbitrarily large transfers
      [xhci] Support arbitrarily large transfers
      [efi] Provide efi_devpath_len()
      [efi] Include a copy of the device path within struct efi_device
      [usb] Select preferred USB device configuration based on driver score
      [usb] Allow for wildcard USB class IDs
      [efi] Expose unused USB devices via EFI_USB_IO_PROTOCOL
      [ncm] Support setting MAC address
      [build] Remove dependency on libiberty
      [efi] Minimise use of iPXE header files when building host utilities
      [pxe] Invoke INT 1a,564e when PXE stack is activated
      [pxe] Notify BIOS via INT 1a,564e for each new network device
      [efi] Work around broken 32-bit PE executable parsing in ImageHlp.dll
      [efi] Avoid infinite loops when asked to stop non-existent devices
      [efi] Expose an UNDI interface alongside the existing SNP interface
      [malloc] Avoid integer overflow for excessively large memory allocations
      [peerdist] Avoid NULL pointer dereference for plaintext blocks
      [http] Verify server port when reusing a pooled connection
      [efi] Reset root directory when installing EFI_SIMPLE_FILE_SYSTEM_PROTOCOL
      [efi] Update to current EDK2 headers
      [efi] Import EFI_HII_FONT_PROTOCOL definitions
      [fbcon] Allow character height to be selected at runtime
      [fbcon] Move margin calculations to fbcon.c
      [console] Tidy up config/console.h
      [efi] Add support for EFI_GRAPHICS_OUTPUT_PROTOCOL frame buffer consoles
      [dhcp] Reset start time when deferring discovery
      [dhcp] Limit maximum number of DHCP discovery deferrals
      [comboot] Reset console before starting COMBOOT executable
      [intel] Forcibly skip PHY reset on some models
      [intel] Correct definition of receive overrun bit
      [infiniband] Add definitions for FDR and EDR link speeds
      [infiniband] Add qword accessors for ib_guid and ib_gid
      [pci] Add definitions for PCI Express function level reset (FLR)
      [bitops] Fix definitions for big-endian devices
      [smsc95xx] Add driver for SMSC/Microchip LAN95xx USB Ethernet NICs
      [bitops] Provide BIT_QWORD_PTR()
      [efi] Add %.usb target for building EFI-bootable USB (or other) disk images
      [usb] Use port->disconnected to check for disconnected devices
      [usb] Record USB device speed separately from current port speed
      [usb] Allow USB device IDs to include arbitrary driver-specific data
      [usb] Allow additional settling time for out-of-spec hubs
      [acm] Add support for CDC-ACM (aka USB RNDIS) devices
      [xhci] Ensure that zero-length packets are not part of a TRB chain
      [efi] Centralise EFI file system info GUIDs
      [build] Allow extra objects to be included in an all-drivers build
      [bios] Add support for injecting keypresses
      [settings] Expose SMBIOS settings as global variables
      [smsc95xx] Allow for multiple methods for obtaining the MAC address
      [crypto] Dual-license selected DRBG files
      [smsc95xx] Fetch MAC from SMBIOS OEM string for Honeywell VM3
      [crypto] Dual-license more selected DRBG files
      [vmware] Expose GuestRPC mechanism in 64-bit builds
      [romprefix] Report an optimistic runtime size estimate
      [usb] Add support for numeric keypad on USB keyboards
      [http] Handle relative redirection URIs
      [image] Provide image_set_uri() to modify an image's URI
      [downloader] Update image URI in response to a redirection
      [tftp] Do not change current working URI when TFTP server is cleared
      [infiniband] Profile post work queue entry operations
      [pxe] Colourise debug output
      [pxe] Add debug message to display real-mode segment addresses
      [i386] Add check_bios_interrupts() debug function
      [debug] Allow debug colourisation to be disabled
      [stp] Fix incorrectly disambiguated errors
      [build] Add named configuration for public cloud environments
      [smsc95xx] Enable LEDs
      [usb] Allow USB endpoints to specify a reserved header length for refills
      [smsc95xx] Reserve headroom in received packets
      [autoboot] Fix incorrect boolean logic
      [uri] Avoid potentially large stack allocation
      [ocsp] Avoid including a double path separator in request URI
      [tftp] Mangle initial slash on TFTP URIs
      [uri] Apply URI decoding for all parsed URIs
      [tcp] Guard against malformed TCP options
      [slam] Avoid potential division by zero
      [ath9k] Remove broken ath_rxbuf_alloc()
      [ehci] Add extra debugging information
      [malloc] Guard against unsigned integer overflow
      [iobuf] Improve robustness of I/O buffer allocation
      [pxe] Clarify comments regarding shrinking of cached DHCP packet
      [efi] Add missing definitions for function key scancodes
      [prefix] Pad .text16 and .data16 segment sizes at build time
      [libc] Split rmsetjmp() and rmlongjmp() into a separate rmsetjmp.h
      [bios] Use intptr_t when casting .text16 function pointers
      [bios] Use size_t when casting _text16_memsz and _data16_memsz
      [bios] Allow relocate.c to be compiled for x86_64
      [bios] Allow rtc_entropy.c to be compiled for x86_64
      [bios] Allow bzimage.c to be compiled for x86_64
      [bios] Allow bios_console.c to be compiled for x86_64
      [bios] Allow memmap.c to be compiled for x86_64
      [bios] Allow librm to be compiled for x86_64
      [bios] Move isolinux definitions to Makefile.pcbios
      [bios] Add bin-x86_64-pcbios build platform
      [librm] Discard argument as part of return from prot_call()
      [librm] Discard argument as part of return from real_call()
      [prefix] Align INT 15,88 temporary decompression area to a page boundary
      [romprefix] Align PMM temporary decompression area to a page boundary
      [bios] Make uses of REAL_CODE() and PHYS_CODE() 64-bit clean
      [librm] Use garbage-collectable section names
      [bios] Use an 8kB stack for x86_64
      [prefix] Use garbage-collectable section names
      [librm] Simplify definitions for prot_call() and real_call() stack frames
      [prefix] Standardise calls to prot_call()
      [librm] Convert prot_call() to a real-mode near call
      [librm] Provide an abstraction wrapper for prot_call
      [librm] Transition to protected mode within init_librm()
      [relocate] Preserve page alignment during relocation
      [librm] Prepare for long-mode memory map
      [librm] Generate page tables for 64-bit builds
      [build] Fix building on older versions of binutils
      [librm] Add phys_call() wrapper for calling code with physical addressing
      [librm] Do not preserve flags unnecessarily
      [librm] Mark virt_offset, text16, data16, rm_cs, and rm_ds as constant
      [librm] Support userptr_t in 64-bit builds
      [librm] Rename prot_call() to virt_call()
      [librm] Add support for running in 64-bit long mode
      [ioapi] Split ioremap() out to a separate IOMAP API
      [librm] Support ioremap() for addresses above 4GB in a 64-bit build
      [netdevice] Refuse to create duplicate network device names
      [infiniband] Remove concept of whole-device owner data
      [infiniband] Avoid multiple calls to ib_cmrc_shutdown()
      [infiniband] Add support for performing service record lookups
      [infiniband] Assign names to Infiniband devices for debug messages
      [infiniband] Use "%#lx" as format specifier for queue pair numbers
      [infiniband] Use "%d" as format specifier for LIDs
      [infiniband] Use connection's local ID as debug message identifier
      [infiniband] Use correct transaction identifier in CM responses
      [infiniband] Do not use GRH for local paths
      [infiniband] Record multicast GID attachment as part of group membership
      [infiniband] Parse MLID, rate, and SL from multicast membership record
      [ipoib] Avoid unnecessary path record lookup for broadcast address
      [ipoib] Simplify test for received broadcast packets
      [infiniband] Allow for the creation of multicast groups
      [pcbios] Restrict external memory allocations to the low 4GB
      [infiniband] Assign names to CMRC connections
      [infiniband] Assign names to queue pairs
      [infiniband] Add "ibstat" command
      [infiniband] Retrieve GID flag from cached path entries
      [ipoib] Resimplify test for received broadcast packets
      [ipoib] Increase number of transmit work queue entries
      [ifmgmt] Include human-readable error message for configuration failure
      [infiniband] Make IPoIB support configurable at build time
      [eoib] Add Ethernet over Infiniband (EoIB) driver
      [eoib] Silently ignore EoIB heartbeat packets
      [eoib] Allow the multicast group to be forcefully created
      [eoib] Support non-FullMember gateway devices
      [xsigo] Add support for Xsigo virtual Ethernet (XVE) EoIB devices
      [efi] Work around broken GetFontInfo() implementations
      [tls] Avoid potential out-of-bound reads in length fields
      [crypto] Allow for zero-length ASN.1 cursors
      [pixbuf] Check for unsigned integer overflow on multiplication
      [arp] Validate length of ARP packet
      [librm] Do not unconditionally preserve flags across virt_call()
      [linda] Use standard readq() and writeq() implementations
      [qib7322] Use standard readq() and writeq() implementations
      [test] Add missing #include <string.h>
      [serial] Add missing #include <string.h>
      [3c595] Fix compilation when "char" is unsigned by default
      [tg3] Remove x86-specific inline assembly
      [efi] Centralise architecture-independent EFI Makefile and linker script
      [build] Allow assembler section type character to vary by architecture
      [build] Accept CROSS= as a synonym for CROSS_COMPILE=
      [efi] Update to current EDK2 headers
      [efi] Add processor binding headers for ARM and AArch64
      [uri] Support URIs containing only scheme and path components
      [uri] Support "file:" URIs describing relative paths
      [efi] Provide access to files stored on EFI filesystems
      [build] Remove long-obsolete header file
      [pseudobit] Rename bitops.h to pseudobit.h
      [bitops] Add generic atomic bit test, set, and clear functions
      [hyperv] Use generic set_bit() function
      [xen] Use generic test_and_clear_bit() function
      [test] Move i386-specific tests to arch/i386/tests
      [efi] Move architecture-independent EFI prefixes to interface/efi
      [libc] Allow container_of() to be used on volatile pointers
      [ipoib] Allow external code to identify IPoIB network devices
      [hermon] Add missing iounmap()
      [arbel] Add missing iounmap()
      [linda] Add missing iounmap()
      [qib7322] Add missing iounmap()
      [crypto] Allow trusted certificates to be stored in non-volatile options
      [hermon] Allocate space for GRH on UD queue pairs
      [arbel] Allocate space for GRH on UD queue pairs
      [infiniband] Allow drivers to override the eIPoIB LEMAC
      [build] Do not use "objcopy -O binary" for objects with relocation records
      [gdb] Add support for x86_64
      [int13] Allow drive to be hooked using the natural drive number
      [int13] Allow default drive to be specified via "san-drive" setting
      [3c5x9] Avoid use of sleep() in driver code
      [etherfabric] Avoid use of sleep() in driver code
      [hermon] Fix received packet length
      [arbel] Fix received packet length
      [libc] Make sleep() interruptible
      [pxe] Implicitly open network device in PXENV_UDP_OPEN
      [prefix] Use CRC32 to verify each block prior to decompression
      [crypto] Allow cross-certificate source to be configured at build time
      [iscsi] Include DHCP server address in iBFT
      [netdevice] Return ENOENT for an unknown bus type
      [linda] Validate payload length
      [qib7322] Validate payload length
      [test] Update snprintf_ok() to use okx()
      [libc] Print "<NULL>" for wide-character NULL strings
      [efi] Work around broken EFI HII specification
      [comboot] Support COMBOOT in 64-bit builds
      [ethernet] Make LACP support configurable at build time
      [libc] Allow CPU architectures to use unoptimised string functions
      [libgcc] Provide symbol to handle gcc's implicit calls to memset()
      [image] Skip misleading "format not recognised" error message
      [librm] Reduce real-mode stack consumption in virt_call()
      [tg3] Fix _tg3_flag() for 64-bit builds
      [librm] Preserve FPU, MMX and SSE state across calls to virt_call()
      [efi] Eliminate use of libbfd
      [build] Remove unnecessary dependency on zlib
      [tcpip] Do not fall back to using unoptimised TCP/IP checksumming
      [efi] Use a timer event to generate the currticks() timer
      [efi] Generalise EFI entropy generation to non-x86 CPUs
      [sis190] Fix building with GCC 6
      [skge] Fix building with GCC 6
      [golan] Fix building with GCC 6
      [ath] Fix building with GCC 6
      [legacy] Fix building with GCC 6
      [libgcc] Provide __divmoddi4()
      [bitops] Fix typo in test case
      [arm] Add support for 32-bit ARM
      [arm] Avoid instruction references to symbols defined via ".equ"
      [arm] Split out 32-bit-specific code to arch/arm32
      [arm] Add support for 64-bit ARM (Aarch64)
      [efi] Allow for building with older versions of elf.h system header
      [libc] Avoid implicit assumptions about potentially-optimised memcpy()
      [arm] Add optimised string functions for 64-bit ARM
      [arm] Add optimised TCP/IP checksumming for 64-bit ARM
      [efi] Guard against GetStatus() failing to return a NULL TX buffer
      [arm] Use CNTVCT_EL0 as profiling timestamp
      [undi] Work around broken HP EliteBook 745 G3 PXE ROM
      [pci] Add support for PCI Enhanced Allocation
      [settings] Extend numerical setting tags to "unsigned long"
      [netdevice] Fix failure path in register_netdev()
      [lotest] Add option to use broadcast packets for loopback testing
      [http] Ignore unrecognised "Connection" header tokens
      [efi] Work around broken UEFI keyboard drivers
      [axge] Add driver for ASIX 10/100/1000 USB Ethernet NICs
      [arm] Use correct DHCP client architecture values
      [dhcp] Fix definitions for x86_64 and EFI BC client architectures
      [efi] Expose DHCP packets via the Apple NetBoot protocol
      [libc] Always use a non-zero seed for the (non-crypto) RNG
      [pci] Support systems with multiple PCI root bridges
      [http] Accept headers with no whitespace following the colon
      [tcp] Send TCP keepalives on idle established connections
      [time] Allow system clock to be adjusted at runtime
      [ntp] Add simple NTP client
      [cmdline] Add "ntp" command
      [thunderx] Add driver for Cavium ThunderX SoC NICs
      [thunderx] Fix channel configuration for VNICs 1-7
      [efi] Include VLAN in SNP device path if applicable
      [thunderx] Retrieve base MAC address via EFI_THUNDER_CONFIG_PROTOCOL
      [smsc75xx] Allow up to 100ms for reset to complete
      [efi] Report failures to stop the EFI timer tick event
      [efi] Do not copy garbage bytes into SNP device path MAC address
      [thunderx] Fix compilation with older versions of gcc

Mika Tiainen (1):
      [intel] Add INTEL_NO_PHY_RST for another I218-LM variant

Suresh Sundriyal (1):
      [pool] Fix check for reopenable pooled connections

Torgeir Wulfsberg (1):
      [intel] Add INTEL_NO_PHY_RST for I217-LM

Vinson Lee (2):
      [mucurses] Fix GCC 6 nonnull-compare errors
      [build] Remove nested "my" declaration

Wissam Shoukair (3):
      [golan] Add Connect-IB, ConnectX-4 and ConnectX-4 Lx (Infiniband) support
      [mlx_icmd] Fix compilation error in GCC versions newer than 4.6.4
      [golan] Add missing iounmap()

Signed-off-by: Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel at redhat.com>
 roms/ipxe | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/roms/ipxe b/roms/ipxe
index 4e03af8..0418631 160000
--- a/roms/ipxe
+++ b/roms/ipxe
@@ -1 +1 @@
-Subproject commit 4e03af8ec2d497e725566a91fd5c19dd604c18a6
+Subproject commit 04186319181298083ef28695a8309028b26fe83c

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