[ipxe-devel] iPXE Support For Intel 82599ES Card (Question)

Anton D. Kachalov mouse at yandex-team.ru
Sat Jun 11 22:50:42 UTC 2016

12.06.2016, 01:39, "Anton D. Kachalov" <mouse at yandex-team.ru>:
> You need to find "FLB3" header of UNDI image and remove everything starting with UNDI ROM till next FLB3 header leaving UNDI's FLB3 as it is. So, just split for header file (it's about 215 bytes) and rest after the UNDI FLB3 part (usually it is a UEFI ROM and some ident 

To be more specific, usually combo header has length of 378 bytes (UNDI's ROM "0x55 0xAA" signature is at 0x17A).

Anton D. Kachalov

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