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Øyvind Aarhus aarhus at gutta.nu
Sat Feb 27 09:36:17 UTC 2016

Hi, i am looking for info on this page
This is al that I see:
Booting SCCM via HTTP
System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), formerly known as Systems Management Server (SMS), is a Microsoft product used to deploy and manage large groups of Windows computers. If you are using iPXE, then you can boot an SCCM client using HTTP, which is much faster and more reliable than the default TFTP protocol. Over a Gigabit Ethernet network, a typical 200MB SCCM image should download in less than two seconds.
Create the boot files
In the Configuration Manager console, open up Site Database → Computer Management →Operating Systems Deployment. Right-click on Task Sequences and choose Create Task Sequence Media.
In the Create Task Sequence Media Wizard, choose Bootable Media and CD/DVD set, and save the media file as sccm.iso.
Extract all files from the
If I try some of this, its just “spinning” and “spinning”
·         Preparation
o    Create the boot files
o    Modify the boot image
o    Publish the boot files
·         Booting
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