[ipxe-devel] Wireless PXE boot

Andre Andre at thenetworkers.nl
Fri Feb 26 10:58:39 UTC 2016


Found your website and saw that your solution has the possibility to use wireless PXE.

Currently a customer where I'm working has some new laptops. Of course these can get their image via standard wired PXE boot. However the preferred way they want to do this in the future is using wireless. This because of room and easiness, they don't need cables anymore.

I have some questions regarding that. Hope that you can help me out on these questions?

·       Is it possible to use iPXE to use a wireless card for PXE boot?

·       Or does this depends on what kind of wireless NIC is being used?

·       Does the wireless card has to natively support PXE?

·       The laptop I'm referring to is a HP EliteBook 745 G2. From what I found it is using a Broadcom wireless card.

·       If this is possible, how can iPXE being used for this?

·       What needs to be done to get this working?

·       Does this take a lot of effort to be implemented?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards André

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