[ipxe-devel] Problem with DHCP

Tellenbach Daniel Daniel.Tellenbach at wincor-nixdorf.ch
Wed Feb 3 14:43:19 UTC 2016

I'am using ipxe to boot my old PC-Hardware via USB-Stick. The reason why I need the USB stick is that the old PC does not support pxe boot via Network. So I have setup a TFTP server holding a pxelinux.0 binary. But my problem starts when I use the dhcp command to get the ip address. As soon as I call the DHCP command, the PC hangs an I have to manually restart it. Here the output of the dmidecode command of my Hardware.

Here the script I am using


# Get ip address

# Override dhcp settings
echo Override current dhcp settings next-server=${next-server} and filename=${filename}
set next-server
set filename pxelinux.0

# Boot
echo Booting ${filename} on server ${next-server}
chain tftp://${next-server}/${filename}

I also compiled the latest  version of pxe.

Any idea what is the problem? Please let me know if you need more information.

Thanks in advanced

P.S The pxe boot in general is working because on newer Hardware it works.

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