[ipxe-devel] [ipxe/ipxe] Fixed bug in intel 10M/100M/1G NIC driver. (#52)

Oliver Nie notifications at github.com
Fri Apr 29 22:12:45 UTC 2016

OK. Here are results of [ipxe.org/dev/driver](ipxe.org/dev/driver)
- Link detection                            --- Pass
- Basic DHCP                              --- Pass
- Close and reopen                      --- Pass
- Large file transfer correctness   --- Pass
- Large file transfer speed            --- 4.6s on 512MB
- Link interruption                         --- Transfer finished with no error
- Loopback                                   --- Not Applicable since I have only one port on intel 82576
- High-MTU loopback                   --- Not Applicable
- VLAN loopback                          --- Not Applicable

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