[ipxe-devel] 8086:15b7, intel.c, HP EliteDesk 800 G2, PXELINUX chainloading problem

Moore, Richard F. rfm6 at leicester.ac.uk
Mon Apr 18 14:57:11 UTC 2016


Have added below patch, works fine chainloading other things (like SCCM) but  trying to chainload PXELINUX (lpxelinux.0) causes a hang after it is downloaded.
With DEBUG=intel on it doesn't hang, but produces lots of errors (see attached 2x screenshots), loading the my menu up screen after several screen-fulls of  'unexpected ICR' errors -
but then the syslinux  screen is partly corrupted and it slowly redraws itself becoming unresponsive if trying to use the menu, after a few seconds getting stuck a sort of unresponsive redraw loop.
(Not adding the patch and thus falling back to the undinet driver, it works normally. The whole system also works fine on other hardware using intel.c code.)

This also relates partially to http://lists.ipxe.org/pipermail/ipxe-devel/2015-December/004516.html
where Michael asked for anyone with this 8086:15b7 to reply - (from the SCCM chainloading it appears to not need the phy_rst.)

I am sorry if this is a PXELINUX problem but I need to start somewhere trying to get to the bottom of it! Thanks.



--- ./drivers/net/intel.c.orig 2016-04-15 15:35:49.579291961 +0100
+++ ./drivers/net/intel.c 2016-04-15 15:23:11.509454802 +0100
@@ -1067,6 +1067,7 @@
  PCI_ROM ( 0x8086, 0x15a1, "i218v-2", "I218-V", 0 ),
  PCI_ROM ( 0x8086, 0x15a2, "i218lm-3", "I218-LM", INTEL_NO_PHY_RST ),
  PCI_ROM ( 0x8086, 0x15a3, "i218v-3", "I218-V", INTEL_NO_PHY_RST ),
+ PCI_ROM ( 0x8086, 0x15b7, "i219lm", "I219-LM", 0 ),
  PCI_ROM ( 0x8086, 0x15b8, "i219v-2", "I219-V (2)", 0 ),
  PCI_ROM ( 0x8086, 0x294c, "82566dc-2", "82566DC-2", 0 ),
  PCI_ROM ( 0x8086, 0x2e6e, "cemedia", "CE Media Processor", 0 ),
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