[ipxe-devel] ipxe support for Mellanox 15b3:1003

Maule Mark mark_maule at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 12 21:32:50 UTC 2016

I've been trying to find an ipxe src base that supports Mellanox PCI vendor:device ID 15b3:1003.  Specifically, I'm trying to get a undionly,kpxe build for x86_64 that will support this device.
I've tried some of the branches under https://git.ipxe.org/vendor/mellanox/flexboot.git.  The flexboot branch didn't build for me - seemed to have a loop in the [DEPS] phase and the other branches didn't seem to have the adapter support.  I also tried downloading the flexboot src from Mellanox directly - that built, but didn't seem discover both ports on my card.
Anyway, can someone please advise on what the best src code starting point to get support for this card would be?
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