[ipxe-devel] new storage driver

Andreas Hammarskjöld junior at 2PintSoftware.com
Wed Sep 30 16:56:56 UTC 2015

It's a secret! ;-)

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> On 28/09/15 23:47, James Harper wrote:
> >> read_capacity() (and other block request methods) create a new 
> >> sub-interface to be used for that request.  The request is 
> >> completed by calling intf_shutdown() to shut down that sub-interface.
> >
> > Yep. Got all that working now. I can boot Win8 from my new SAN 
> > protocol
> (well... up to the point where it wants my windows SAN driver, which I 
> haven't finished yet).
> Awesome.  Out of curiosity, what is this SAN protocol?

It's a secret :)

Another question, maybe OT for this list, it looks like the acpi_describe functionality might append my description into the ACPI table into memory, but when my windows driver uses AuxKlibEnumerateSystemFirmwareTables('ACPI', ...), my new table isn't there (just the expected ACPI tables). Am I right about what I think this does? I can see that iPXE definitely calls my _describe function.

I can fall back to just scanning low memory for my signature, but that doesn’t seem nearly as elegant.



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