[ipxe-devel] new storage driver

Michael Brown mcb30 at ipxe.org
Tue Sep 29 11:09:52 UTC 2015

On 28/09/15 23:47, James Harper wrote:
>> read_capacity() (and other block request methods) create a new
>> sub-interface to be used for that request.  The request is completed by
>> calling intf_shutdown() to shut down that sub-interface.
> Yep. Got all that working now. I can boot Win8 from my new SAN protocol (well... up to the point where it wants my windows SAN driver, which I haven't finished yet).

Awesome.  Out of curiosity, what is this SAN protocol?

>> There's nothing that currently exposes this specifically for use within
>> iPXE.  We do remap the underlying INT13 drive so that it remains
>> accessible (under a different drive number).
> So calling INT13 with the new driver number would work. How can I tell what driver number this would be? But actually, what I need to to is to hide this drive from Windows too (the windows loader at least - I'll take care of hiding it from windows itself), so probably I want to call the original INT13 vector and avoid the remapping... fun times ahead!

Why do you need to hide it from the Windows loader?  As long as each 
drive already has a unique signature (within the MBR), Windows is 
generally fairly good at ignoring unrelated drives; you shouldn't need 
to explicitly hide it.


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