[ipxe-devel] new storage driver

James Harper james at ejbdigital.com.au
Fri Sep 25 03:43:03 UTC 2015

I want to implement my own san protocol into iPXE, but can't find any documentation to help me get a feel for how the innards of iPXE work.

I have created a skeleton framework, and iPXE calls my uri open function, and then int13h calls my read capacity function, but I don't know what signals completion of the read capacity call, so int13h thinks it timed out, and fails.

The other thing that my project requires is a way to also read and write data to the primary disk (eg the original int13h disk before my san block device replaced it). I can probably achieve this goal one way or another, but if there is a clean way of doing it (or if a method is already exposed somehow) then that would be great!



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