[ipxe-devel] Grub2 vs iPXE

Vít Ondruch vondruch at redhat.com
Wed Sep 23 12:57:39 UTC 2015

Dne 22.9.2015 v 17:59 Michael Brown napsal(a):
> On 22/09/15 16:09, Vít Ondruch wrote:
>> So after discussion with Grub maintainers and revealing that I'm trying
>> to boot my system via EFI
> That's quite a significant data point!

Sorry, it didn't come to my mind I should mention it earlier.
> The iPXE .lkrn image is a BIOS image, built to expect and require a
> BIOS firmware.
> If you want to downgrade from BIOS to EFI, then you need to use one of
> the EFI images such as bin-x86_64-efi/ipxe.efi.  These are standard
> EFI executables.  If the patched Fedora GRUB2 can load standard EFI
> executables (such as Shell.efi), then it should be able to load ipxe.efi.

I tested that I can load the ipxe.efi [1], but there is no such image
for BFO [2, 3]. I need to check it again with maintainers.

Thanks for the hint and I appreciate your patience.


[1] http://boot.ipxe.org/ipxe.efi
[2] https://boot.fedoraproject.org/
[3] http://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/alt/bfo/

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