[ipxe-devel] ipxe CODE immigrating to MCU applications

郭鹏 120721080 at qq.com
Tue May 19 01:08:18 UTC 2015

Dear  IPXE engineers :

    I am working on a case needing PXE function . But we do not choose generation ethernet controller such as Intel ,BCM or realtek products . We choose 

FPGA as the the core chip on the NIC . So  I hope to find a way to implement the PXE function with the MCU inside the FPGA which is build by softare .

I read the documents and descriptions on your website . I found that the IPXE is basing on specified application and target hardware platform such as 

controller IC . Could you help to give me some advice or guideline about how to immigrate this IPXE to standalone CPU ? Thanks very much .


Peter Guo
From China
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