[ipxe-devel] Help building EFI

Tanner Rork tanner.rork at outlook.com
Wed Jun 10 00:41:32 UTC 2015

I'm trying to get ipxe to work in UEFI but after it boots up it doesn't see
the network card. After some reading it seems that I need to build an efirom
for my motherboard, however I can't afford to break this motherboard. The
driver in the ipxe.efi doesn't work. I also don't want to flash the
motherboards ROM either. I was thinking I could make a .efidrv for the
onboard NIC but I'm not sure if that would work or how to build it
necessarily. Can you please advise? Also if I have to build an efirom (can't
do something non-permenant) can you please give some detailed instructions?



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