[ipxe-devel] about neighbour discovering

李郧成 liyuncheng01 at bianfeng.com
Tue Jan 6 09:47:09 UTC 2015

Recently we found something strange about ipxe: The client is an IMAC,  in our NBP, after PXE_UDP_OPEN we send a udp packet to another server(or machine) other than the dhcp server,  PXE_UDP_WRITE always return fail, if we tried to use PXE_TFTP_OPEN then PXE_TFTP_CLOSE to the server before PXE_UDP_OPEN, PXE_UDP_WRITE return success. We've tried to print some log message in neighbour.c, it defered the packet because there's no neighbour entry, but the it seems the arp never been got and put to neighbour list, could you tell me is there something we need to work on?

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