[ipxe-devel] Cannot boot from wire or usb, hangs on initializing devices.

Cory Landry CLandry at nolacollegeprep.org
Wed Feb 25 11:18:36 UTC 2015

Hello all,

Wondering if anyone could give me some pointers on an issue I'm having.  When I try to boot a Dell Inspiron 1121 which has a Atheros AR8132 it hangs on initializing devices.

Booting with DEBUG=device,pci,undiload,undinet

          UNDI device is PCI 01:00.0, type DIX+802.3
          555kb free base memory after PXE unload
iPXE initialising devices...Adding UNDI root bus
UNDINIC 0x28c54 using UNDI 0x88af34d8
UNDINIC 0x28c54 has MAC address d4:b3:d9:05:f4:49 and IRQ 7 (this is the wired mac address)
UNDINIC 0x28c54 has type DIX+802.3, speed 10000000, flags 0000dc1b
UNDINIC 0x28c54 using interrupt mode
UNDINIC 0x28c54 added
Adding PCI root bus
PCI 00:00.0 ... has no driver
PCI 00:02.0 ... has no driver

and booting from usb via ipxe.usb with DEBUG=device,pci,undiload,undinet

iPXE initialising devices...Adding 3c509 root bus
Adding EISA root bus
Adding Hyper-V root bus
Failed to add Hyper-V root bus: No such device (http://ipxe.org/2c83403b)
Adding ISA root bus
Adding ISAPnP root bus
Adding MCA root bus
Adding PCI root bus
PCI 00:00.0 (8086:0044 CLASS 060000) has no driver
PCI 00:02.0 (8086:0046 CLASS 030000) has no driver
PCI 00:16.0 (8086:3b64 CLASS 078000) has no driver
PCI 00:1a.0 (8086:3b3c CLASS 0c0320) has no driver
PCI 00:1b.0 (8086:3b56 CLASS 040300) has no driver
PCI 00:1c.0 (8086:3b42 CLASS 060400) has no driver
PCI 00:1c.1 (8086:3b44 CLASS 060400) has no driver
PCI 00:1d.0 (8086:3b34 CLASS 0c0320) has no driver
PCI 00:1e.0 (8086:2448 CLASS 060401) has no driver
PCI 00:1f.0 (8086:3b0b CLASS 060100) has no driver
PCI 00:1f.2 (8086:3b2f CLASS 010601) has no driver
PCI 00:1f.3 (8086:3b30 CLASS 0c0500) has no driver
PCI 00:1f.6 (8086:3b32 CLASS 118000) has no driver
PCI 01:00.0 (1969:1062) has driver "undipci"
PCI 01:00.0 has mem 90500000 io 1000 irq 7
UNDI 0xdbb04 loading UNDI ROM 0xdbb84 to CS 964b DS 9165 for PCI 01:00.0
UNDI 0xdbb04 loaded PXENV+ 964b:00d0 !PXE 964b:0070 entry 964b:0106
UNDI 0xdbb04 using [581,614) kB of base memory
UNDINIC 0xdbb04 using UNDI 0xdbb04
UNDINIC 0xdbb04 has MAC address d4:b3:d9:05:f4:49 and IRQ 7
UNDINIC 0xdbb04 has type DIX+802.3, speed 1000000, flags 0000dc1b
UNDINIC 0xdbb04 using interrupt mode
UNDINIC 0xdbb04 added
PCI 02:00.0 (8086:0087) has driver "undipci"
PCI 02:00.0 has mem 90400000 io 0 irq 10
PCI 02:00.0 probe failed: No such device (http://ipxe.org/2c80603b)

I'm lost at this point and appreciate any help or pointers that can be given.

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