[ipxe-devel] Wimboot from GRUB2 PXE with UEFI on HP Gen9

Petr Matouš petr.matous at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 17:45:16 UTC 2015


First, thanks for all of your effort you put into this project. Keep
up the good work.

Now, the question: Is there anyone who has been able to succesfully
get wimboot to work with GRUB 2 over PXE with UEFI? I've been playing
with it for some time using HP ML350 Gen9 server with no success.

Here's the excerpt from GRUB config:

menuentry "Windows PE 5 x64" {
linux16 /boot/ipxe/wimboot
initrd16 \
newc:bcd:/windows-pe/bcd \
newc:boot.sdi:/windows-pe/boot.sdi \

After the last file is sucessfully downloaded, which is confirmed by
using GRUB's progress module, server freezes with no other output.
Only thing I can do is to reset it.

When I use the iPXE directly or chainload it from GRUB...

kernel /boot/ipxe/wimboot
initrd /windows-pe/bcd
initrd /windows-pe/boot.sdi
initrd /windows-pe/boot.wim

...it works as expected.

I also tried legacy boot mode with GRUB 2, using appropriate BCD file,
it works as expected so I guess the syntax is correct. Both legacy and
UEFI GRUB has been compiled from current sources, wimboot version is
2.4.1 (pre-compiled binary).

I spent some time with it so I would really like to get to bottom of
this (eg. using some kind of debug output feature if there is any).

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Best regards

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