[ipxe-devel] Latest commit fails to build on Debian stable

Sven Dreyer sven at dreyer-net.de
Wed Feb 25 07:15:38 UTC 2015


the latest commit 3e04f0791e614772f3ffe3663e4c8da71e2bc981 ([prefix] Use 
.bss16 as temporary stack space for calls to install_block) fails to 
build on Debian Wheezy (current stable version).

I did:
$ git clone git://git.ipxe.org/ipxe.git
$ cd ipxe/src/
$ make

The build process stops with:
   [BUILD] bin/com32_wrapper.o
   [BUILD] bin/undiisr.o
   [AR] bin/blib.a
ar: creating bin/blib.a
   [HOSTCC] util/zbin
   [VERSION] bin/version.ipxe.dsk.o
   [LD] bin/ipxe.dsk.tmp
arch/i386/scripts/i386.lds:1: undefined symbol `_min_decompress_stack' 
referenced in expression
make: *** [bin/ipxe.dsk.tmp] Error 1
rm bin/version.ipxe.dsk.o

Debian Wheezy uses gcc 4.7.2 and binutils 2.22.

If of interest, I can provide SSH access to a Debian box.

Thanks and best regards, Sven

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