[ipxe-devel] Small bug report re: ssl_verify_client optional w/o iPXE client cert

Harry Coin hcoin at quietfountain.com
Fri Feb 20 21:03:47 UTC 2015

Hello and much appreciation for the iPXE effort.

Kindly notice that when iPXE is built with only a certificate authority 
to trust (no cert + key), and
the iPXE shell does an https://.... request of any kind, and
the SSL enabled server explicitly does not ask for a client certificate then
-- all is well.

But, if the SSL enabled server does ask for a client certificate but 
only in an optional way, e.g. nginx example:

ssl_verify_client optional;

Then iPXE fails trying to find a non-existent cert:
in tls.c

         /* Determine client certificate to be sent */
         tls->cert = certstore_find_key ( &private_key );
         if ( ! tls->cert ) {
                 DBGC ( tls, "TLS %p could not find certificate 
corresponding "
                        "to private key\n", tls );
                 return -EPERM_CLIENT_CERT;

The correct response is not to fail the tls session when asked for an 
optional client cert doesn't exist, only when an required client cert 
doesn't exist.

I tested this, setting the server to explicitly not ask for a client 
cert when one didn't exist allowed normal operations.  Setting it to 
optionally validate the client cert when one didn't exist failed on the 
iPXE end.

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