[ipxe-devel] Unrecognised relocation type R_X86_64_32S in util/elf2efi64

Michael Brown mbrown at fensystems.co.uk
Thu Feb 12 16:09:46 UTC 2015

On 12/02/15 13:41, Michael Brown wrote:
> On 12/02/15 11:45, Jan Kundrát wrote:
>> I'm actually on "Hardened Gentoo" which does patch its GCC, but I did
>> take care to switch to a vanilla GCC as well, and the end result was the
>> same. If I use unmodified GCC as provided by Gentoo and after a `git
>> clean -dxf` in my src/, I still get these relocations, and the command
>> invoking GCC remains the same. Am I cleaning stuff thoroughly enough?
> I _think_ that a non-hardened gcc will not recognise "-nopie" and so
> would not cause iPXE to apply the workaround.  I may be wrong about this.
> I don't have a Gentoo system on which to test.  Could you try applying
> the attached patch (which moves the workaround to i386-only) and see if
> this fixes your problem?
> If it does work, could you also try "make everything" and then verify
> that you can run
>    ./bin-i386-linux-tests.linux
> and
>    ./bin-x86_64-linux/tests.linux

Mareo kindly gave me access to a Gentoo system for testing, so I've been 
able to try this myself.  Now pushed as




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