[ipxe-devel] Could not boot image: Error 0x7f048281

Linus Lüssing linus.luessing at c0d3.blue
Sun Dec 27 16:11:26 UTC 2015


Thanks for the suggestion, just forced the syslinux32.efi via the
isc-dhcpd config, but then I get the following error instead:

Could not boot image: Exec format error (http://ipxe.org/2e008081)

So looks like it disagrees with the 32-bit one even more, looks
like a 64-bit one is the one to go, right?

Cheers, Linus

PS: Booting a 64-bit grub.efi (grub 2.02~beta2-22) from the
Debian-Installer works fine (bootnetx64.efi:
But an empty grub is a little boring and I would prefer being able
to only having to configure one pxelinux without needing a
grub/grub.cfg layer if that's possible.

On Sun, Dec 27, 2015 at 01:51:37AM -0500, Shao Miller wrote:
> Good day, Linus.
> If I'm not mistaken, the EFI firmware is returning an error to iPXE.  My
> guess would be that your Apple device provides a 32-bit EFI environment, but
> you're trying to boot a 64-bit EFI Syslinux.  Please try a 32-bit EFI
> Syslinux, instead.
> Good luck!
> - Shao Miller
> Synthetel Corporation
> W: https://www.synthetel.com
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> Hi!
> First of all, thanks for all the dedication on iPXE! PXE is such a
> useful thing and you guys help to make it available on every
> device, even if vendors were too lazy to implement it. Just saw
> the latest commit regarding smsc95xx and noticed, hey, I have a
> device with that and without on-board PXE, so that will be useful in
> the future :).
> Currently I am trying to boot a different device though: Somebody
> donated an iMac 2007 (Intel Core 2 Duo) to us and I would like to
> make it useable with our PXE infrastructure.
> I was able to boot an iPXE via Clonezilla. I had one issue, but
> could resolve that by simply updating iPXE. Now, with iPXE 1.0.0+
> (91dd5) I am having another issue which I was not able to resolve
> yet. The output looks like this:
> -----
> iPXE initalising devices...ok
> iPXE 1.0.0+ (91dd5) -- Open Source Network Boot Firmware -- http://ipxe.org
> Features: DNS HTTP TFTP EFI Menu
> net0: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx using m88e8058 on PCI05:00.0 (open)
>  [Link:down, TX:0 TXE:0 RX:0 RXE:0]
>  [Link status: Down (http://ipxe.org/38086193)]
> Waiting for link-up on net0..... ok
> Configuring (net0 xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx)...... ok
> net0: gw
> Next server:
> Filename: syslinux64.efi
> tftp:// ok
> syslinux64.efi : 199952 bytes [EFI]
> Getting cached packet
> My IP is
>             Could not boot image: Error 0x7f048281
> (http://ipxe.org/7f048281)
> No more network devices
> Press Ctrl-B for the iPXE command line...
> -----
> The last link in the output does not seem to contain any
> information to resolve this issue. Anyone having an idea what I
> might be missing or what might be going wrong?
> Cheers, Linus
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