[ipxe-devel] Howto sign a ipxe-image for trusted uefi boot?

Oliver Rath rath at mglug.de
Tue Aug 25 07:59:26 UTC 2015

Hi list,

Ive read the http://ipxe.org/efi/vision looking for howto build signed
ipxe-"undionly"-Images (now snp?) for trusted network booting.

Furthermore Ive read this thread

What is the way now for building trusted efi-builds of ipxe?

Do I see right in this way?:

1. Build an efi-ipxe with the script for my needs embedded
2. Send it to ... for getting a signed version for ~500$
3. Setting up a web-server for sending this image via https (?)
4. chainloading another images/scripts via imgtrust

If this all is done and i would start a trusted iscsi-sanboot, how is
here the workflow? Uefi-iscsi ;-) ? IPSec?


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