[ipxe-devel] problem Building the ROM image

Iosif Matei iosif.matei at gmail.com
Tue Sep 30 15:50:03 UTC 2014


I want to build and burn ipxe into network card to replace pxe .
I have a P5ND2-SLI mb from assus .I did manage to indentify the PCI vendor
ID *(8086)* and the PCI device ID
* (100e) for the on-board intel network  card . *

*I also downloaded http://boot.ipxe.org/burn/dosboot.img
<http://boot.ipxe.org/burn/dosboot.img> and
<http://downloadmirror.intel.com/19186/eng/PREBOOT.EXE> to my PC .*
*But when i did try to build *the ipxe rom with : make bin/8086100e.rom i
did receive an error .
And without the 8086100e.rom file i cant proceed to the next step .
Can you please help me to build the rom file for my lan card ?

Best regards,
Iosif Matei
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