[ipxe-devel] USB-Keyboard "roccat arvo" doesnt work properly with ipxe-menu

Oliver Rath rath at mglug.de
Thu Sep 25 12:16:00 UTC 2014

Hi Andrew & Michael,

in addititon, the following i can report:

- disabling lecacy usb results in a totally unusable USB-keyboard (for
menu, another i wasnt able to test).
- with usb-legacy support i can write in ipxe-shell normally, but i.e.
in the "config"-mask there are
  the same problems as in the menu

Am 23.09.2014 um 21:45 schrieb Andrew Bobulsky:
> [..] Hello Oliver,
> As Michael suggested, I strongly suspect this is a firmware bug in
> your UEFI BIOS or specifically in its CSM.  To rule out the keyboard
> itself, though, just give any other USB keyboard a try, and see what
> happens.
Another USB-Keyboard works fine (testet with two different types).

> There may be other workarounds available to you, too.  Try
> unplugging/replugging the keyboard once you reach the iPXE menu.  If
> you have multiple keyboards plugged in, disconnect one.  If you have
> only the one keyboard plugged in, try adding a second one.

This might be right, but seems for me not a good solution for the problem.

> There might be some promise for a UEFI build of iPXE being able to
> remedy your issue.  But that's about as much of a shot in the dark as
> my other suggestions, and probably more work ;)

We will see! Should i try some uefi-ipxe variant?

> Lastly, check for a BIOS update for your motherboard. Personally
> speaking, I had a problem with my system being unable to boot when my
> Yubikey (a OTP device that presents as a USB keyboard) was plugged
> in.  Turned out to be a known bug in my Gigabyte board's BIOS that was
> fixed in a firmware update that came out before I even got the thing.

Ive seen there is an Bios-update available, will try this.



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