[ipxe-devel] Trouble with Wimboot.exe custom WinPE30 (PE from Win7 x86)

Turkov Vladimir vladimirt at kraftway.ru
Wed Sep 3 15:33:57 UTC 2014

Good day.
I have a trouble with Wimboot.exe on loading custom WinPE30 (PE from Win7 x86).
WinPE50 - loading is correct
On loading custom  WinPE30 (added the packages and drivers )
My Script:

  kernel wimboot
  initrd boot/bootmgr.exe   bootmgr.exe
  initrd boot/bcd                  BCD
  initrd boot/boot.sdi          boot.sdi
  initrd sources/boot.wim  boot.wim

Bootmgr.exe display error  STATUS:  0xc000000D An Unexpected error has occurred

If  I load boot.wim using chain - loading and starting WinPE30 is OK.

This error is directly related to the size of RAM.

On Size 2GB RAM - Wimboot is OK
On Size 4GB RAM  - ERROR

Chain worked always (independently by RAM size).

I tryed version Wimboot:

iPXE last release

The original WinPE30 (Without pack) loading is correct independently by RAM size
Custom WinPE50 - loading is correct independently by RAM size

С уважением,
Турков Владимир
(Best regards,Turkov Vladimir)
Руководитель отдела
Отдел подготовки программного обеспечения
Тел:  +7(495) 956 49 80, доб. 1577
E-mail: vladimirt at kraftway.ru<mailto:kashtanovat at kraftway.ru>

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