[ipxe-devel] Windows having problems parsing iBFT from recent iPXE versions?

Floris Bos bos at je-eigen-domein.nl
Thu Oct 30 19:34:28 UTC 2014

On 10/30/2014 07:50 PM, Steve Cross wrote:
> I just built a copy of ipxe using the latest code from the repository 
> ad was able to boot my NUC just fine. It still says 587KB as well. 
> Looks like you are on to something with the BIOS issue.
> Curious, have you went in and customized the BIOS settings at all?

Didn't change any settings.
But did try if upgrading it helped, it did not.

It is one of those fancy GUI BIOSes, which you can control with your 
mouse, and show your CPU temperature, voltages and FAN speeds as graphs.
Screenshots at: 

It actually says "send us feedback at: visualbios at intel.com" in the 
corner, so I guess I'll try that. :-)
Although I doubt that reaches a developer.

Yours sincerely,

Floris Bos

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