[ipxe-devel] help: sanboot from AoE target not working

linql at centran.cn linql at centran.cn
Thu Nov 20 03:38:13 UTC 2014

hi, there
I am working on booting from ipxe.efi on EFI Shell. The ipxe.efi(revision a937) is compiled with SANBOOT_PROTO_AOE flag on, and when executed on EFI Shell,  error occurs as 'Could not open SAN device', and also can not chain boot from http url with error goes 'Permission denied'. I'm pretty sure that the ipxe.efi supports features like HTTP, AoE and the corresponding AoE target has been exported because everything goes ok when booting from PXE (legacy BIOS). 
Revision of the EFI as follows:
    EFI Specification Revision   2.31
    EFI Revision                     5.9

Did I miss something with compiling ipxe or ipxe does not support EFI very well.

Best regards,
Perter Lin
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