[ipxe-devel] DHCPv6 problem

Anton D. Kachalov mouse at yandex-team.ru
Thu May 22 08:36:33 UTC 2014

If I comment out the part in udp_demux() that compares padding bytes then everything started to work.

22.05.2014, 12:11, "Anton D. Kachalov" <mouse at yandex-team.ru>:
> I have printouted contents of "local" variable and each "udp" item in udp_demux() (see attached screenshot). The "pad" bytes are scrambled in received buffer while items' pads has all zeroes.
> May be a problem in union:
>    https://github.com/ipxe/ipxe/blob/master/src/net/ipv6.c#L600
> while filling sockaddr_in6 structure's "sin6.sin6_addr" field that is somewhere in "pad" field of sockaddr_tcpip structure:
>    https://github.com/ipxe/ipxe/blob/master/src/net/ipv6.c#L732
> For the ipv4's dhcp requests all pads are zeroes.
> 21.05.2014, 21:09, "Anton D. Kachalov" <mouse at yandex-team.ru>:
>>  It's a current branch. I've just add an additional DBG out in udp_demux().
>>  21.05.2014, 21:06, "Michael Brown" <mcb30 at ipxe.org>:
>>>  On 21/05/14 17:57, Anton D. Kachalov wrote:
>>>>   I've tried to run dhcpv6 setup and have experienced a problem with
>>>>   dhcpv6. In end of December'13 everything was fine.
>>>>   In stateless mode ipxe has been successfully configured (sets the rdnss
>>>>   and dnssl config).
>>>>   But in statefull mode I've got an error: "No UDP connection listening on
>>>>   port 546" (udp_demux() returns NULL).
>>>  It works for me.  I note from the screenshot that you have some local
>>>  code modifications.  Are you able to reproduce the error with the
>>>  current master branch of iPXE?
>>>  Michael

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