[ipxe-devel] switch causing DHCP timeout

Wissam Shoukair wissams at mellanox.com
Mon May 5 10:19:14 UTC 2014

I'm trying to chain-load undi-only using net0. My setup has a PXE client and a DHCP server and a switch between them. (there are other machines connected to the same switch)
After fetching the undi_only from the DHCP server, it opens its own net0 and eventually the lower net0 net device. After it opens the devices, it tries to send DHCP DISCOVER to the server. Apparently, the switch takes a long time to settle down after the port came up, and because of this the DHCP DISCOVER is not received by the server.

To confirm that this is a timing issue, I delayed the DHCP packet by inserting a sleep for 25 seconds right after the chainloaded undi opened the net device, and it did fix the issue.
A good solution for this might be implementing ARP PING, and instead of the sleep, we can change it by doing ARP PING until we get a response and then we can send the DHCP packet.

Does anyone know a better and a simpler solution for this switch issue ?

Wissam Shoukair

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