[ipxe-devel] alloc_iob failing

Pfaff, Mark Mark.Pfaff at amd.com
Sat Mar 8 04:23:52 UTC 2014

Hi ipxe devs, 

I am working on a propriety driver which is very similar to the legacy.c code in the ipxe codebase.  In the same fashion I initialize a new iobuf ptr on every receive iteration and then send it to netdev_rx.  I don't have the need for a circular private iobuffer list at this time as I have my own backend dma buffer which memcpy's the packet to my iobuf for receives. 

 I'd like for my poll to call receive, send my iobuf to netdev_rx and have it sent to the stack and cleaned up.

My code base works perfectly for pings and well as small transfers.  After loading about 40% of an 800k kernel/image alloc_iob is failing.  Am I missing a step to release iobuf's at some point, or do you have other suggestions?



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