[ipxe-devel] [External] FW: [PATCH] [intel] Add Intel I210 Gigabit Ethernet PCI ID

Michael Brown mcb30 at ipxe.org
Tue Mar 4 15:35:19 UTC 2014

On 08/02/14 15:09, Post, Donald L UTAS wrote:
> Here is the patch I promised to allow support for "Flash-less" versions of Intel's i210 Gigabit Ethernet device. It seems to be working well. The patch also reorders the logic used in the fetch MAC address routine and gives priority to the auto-loaded MAC address. Only if the auto-loaded MAC is invalid will the routine fetch the MAC address from the EEPROM/iNVM...

Thanks for investigating this and for putting a patch together!

Does the attached simpler patch (which includes no iNVM support, but 
does use the autoloaded address in preference to the EEPROM address) 
also solve the problem?

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