[ipxe-devel] Adding lldp-agent to ipxe

Marin Hannache mareo at mareo.fr
Mon Jun 16 19:12:15 UTC 2014

On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 12:17:49PM +0400, Anton D. Kachalov wrote:
> Hello.
> Did someone start to implement LLDP/CDP support?


I actually did! I didn't see this thread on the mailing-list and
independently started to implement it in iPXE.  Amazingly I came with a
design wich is almost identical to what Michael suggested:

Instead of:

We have:

See commit 406e225 ("[lldp] Implementation of the LLDP protocol") of my
personal repository for more information on how to use it.

    $ git clone http://git.ipxe.org/people/mareo/ipxe.git
    $ cd ipxe/src
    $ git checkout lldp
    $ echo "#define NET_PROTO_LLDP" >> config/local/general.h
    $ make

Michael, if you have time to review it, I consider it ready for

Marin Hannache

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