[ipxe-devel] [ipxe] Expose board-serial and board-product through SMBios (#21)

Dale Hamel notifications at github.com
Thu Jun 12 17:08:49 UTC 2014

@ipxe-devel there is probably still a way to do the errornumber auto generation.

Workflow would go like this:

0.) Move site to static github.io (possibly using something like jekyll to make changes easier)
1.) Someone generates a PR, which is reviewed and deemed good
2.) The branch is merged locally, and you run whatever code you had to do the error number generation as a static page (jekyll could probably help with this)
3.) You update the master branch and close the PR.

Or, just pull merge normal PRs like normal, then do add the updated error code stuff after merging master.

Otherwise, keep the old servers around just for error code /linenumber lookup. Either way, hosting off of github.io should reduce your hosting costs and improve reliability. 

I can help you with the migration (or even just a mockup) if you like - love the iPXE project and would be happy to contribute in any way that I can.

I don't think that github.io and error number lookup are mutually exclusive.

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