[ipxe-devel] HTTP POST with chain always GET's

Michael Brown mcb30 at ipxe.org
Thu Jun 5 16:00:02 UTC 2014

On 05/06/14 16:52, Kristian Van Der Vliet wrote:
>     Could you try using wireshark to observe what actually goes over the
>     wire?  I suspect the problem may be on your server side.
> Sure. Wireshark shows a GET:
> https://www.cloudshark.org/captures/b1088305ff3f

Thanks.  Could you try building with DEBUG=httpcore and post the output 
from that?

>     No; you have to use the img* commands.  (Otherwise, where is the
>     potential output from the POST supposed to go?)
> Nowhere; which is what I want! I'd like to use iPXE to provide certain
> information (E.g. UUID, Serials etc.) back to a central server so I can
> track and later find them for system provisioning, so all I need to do
> is POST the data that iPXE can tell me to a REST endpoint and then have
> iPXE continue as though nothing at all has happened. I can work around
> it with
> chain http://example.com...##params || goto next
> :next


   imgfetch http://server/....##params

which might be cleaner.


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