[ipxe-devel] vesafb questions/suggestions

Oliver Rath rath at mglug.de
Tue Jan 7 21:22:01 UTC 2014

Hi list,

1st, Im using with passion the console.command. Now I noticed, that
ipxe-screensize shows some display resolutions with "(unsupported)" (if
i compiled ipxe with DEBUG=vesafb). What does this mean? Is the solution
already available  but not supported yet form ipxe? Im playing around
with some computers having > 1600x1200 pixel as vbe modes.

2nd, I saw that the biggest font supported by ipxe seems to be 9x16_ALT
(which doesnt work on my screen, but 8x16 does). Are there some bigger
fonts in VBE mode available?

3rd, as a suggestion, i use some background pics with a kind of frame,
so it would be nice limiting the area where i.e. menu-entries are
displayed. This is indeed possible while playing around with the
parameters of menu, but not in a general way.

Just my 2ct.


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