[ipxe-devel] BUG: no shell, except when compiling with DEBUG

Andrew Engelbrecht sudoman at ninthfloor.org
Mon Jan 6 22:33:52 UTC 2014

hi, i'm using iPXE, but only can access a shell, if i compile with
options like this:

DEBUG=realtek:1 make bin/10ec8168.rom

DEBUG=realtek:1 make bin/10ec8169.rom

these are the initial debug errors with the DEBUG=realtek:1 option:

> iPXE initializgin devices...REALTEK 0x281e4 appears to be an RTL8169
> REALTEK 0x281e4 EEPROM is a 93C46
> REALTEK 0x281e4 EEPROM ID incorrect (0xffff); assuming no EEPROM
> REALTEK 0x281e4 PHY status is 88
> ok
> ...
> iPXE 1.0.0+ (9bdf) ...
> iPXE>

dhcp and ping commands work in debug mode. if i don't use the debug
option, i always get stuck at

> iPXE initializing devices...

upon loading by coreboot.

to clarify, if i don't compile with DEBUG, but also embed a script like

> #!ipxe
> shell

then i don't get the "iPXE initializing devices..." line at all, and get
no shell either.

maybe in the non-debug mode, iPXE is stricter about warnings and freezes
instead of giving a shell or dying. or maybe the debug flag alters the
flow of execution.

what i would like is to receive the iPXE> shell prompt, even if not
using DEBUG mode.

thanks so much!


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