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I saw some settings for wireless in the Settings reference page



Chip type



Wireless SSID



Actively scan for wireless networks



Wireless encryption key

I am not sure how that can work if the BIOS does not support Wireless BOOT.
The PXE standard never had wireless and the BIOS manufacturers didn't put in the specs you have listed above which is where they should be in the BOOT selection area.  The Realtek PXE  selection below will not work for wireless as far as I can see.

The only method I could see would be to build an image and place it on a flash drive and or disk of some type that incorporates the options not available from the Network Boot area below.

In our case we never use flash drives or any drives because we still use the standard PXE boot method which pulls the image down from a LINUX server stationed on a Microsoft Server which is providing boot up to Terminal Server.

Now that I have given some ground work can you tell me how  IPXE boots to wireless if no local image exits on any type of local flash on a workstation ETC.?

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