[ipxe-devel] boot.wim overlay?

Oliver Rath rath at mglug.de
Mon Feb 17 14:20:01 UTC 2014

Hi list,

taken from the howto
http://ipxe.org/howto/winpe#windows_assessment_and_deployment_toolkit_adk i
can start WinPE via ipxe over net. This runs fine.

If I understand right, wimboot takes all the files (loaded by initrd)
into a directory and boots the this struct. When booting, at last
boot.wim will be startet, which is an embedded ramdisk, So this ramdisk
will be extractet and started (a kind of initramfs for windows?).

Here my question. Could it be possible to load an additional file (i.e.
boot-enhancements.wim), which is also extracted into the ramdisk as
overlay? So the boot.wim-system could be customized dynamicly very easy.

  cpuid --ext 29 && set arch amd64 || set arch x86
  kernel wimboot
  initrd ${arch}/media/bootmgr                      bootmgr
  initrd ${arch}/media/Boot/BCD                     BCD
  initrd ${arch}/media/Boot/Fonts/segmono_boot.ttf  segmono_boot.ttf
  initrd ${arch}/media/Boot/Fonts/segoe_slboot.ttf  segoe_slboot.ttf
  initrd ${arch}/media/Boot/Fonts/segoen_slboot.ttf segoen_slboot.ttf
  initrd ${arch}/media/Boot/Fonts/wgl4_boot.ttf     wgl4_boot.ttf
  initrd ${arch}/media/Boot/boot.sdi                boot.sdi
  initrd ${arch}/media/sources/boot.wim             boot.wim
# here is the new one:
  initrd ${arch}/media/sources/boot-addons.wim      boot-addons.wim

I think, the problem is how to instruct wimboot to extract both
wim-files one upon the other.

Alternativly, is there a way to access to files on another way as
commiting it in boot.wim and loading it over net?



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