[ipxe-devel] FW: [PATCH] [intel] Add Intel I210 Gigabit Ethernet PCI ID

Post, Donald L UTAS Donald.Post at utas.utc.com
Mon Feb 3 23:39:04 UTC 2014


We just upgraded to a new version of our SBC and it has 3 of the Intel i210 devices and they were not being recognized. The device number was different than the one mentioned in this patch. My i210 device is 0x8086,0x157b. I added this device id to the list in intel.c. 

PCI_ROM ( 0x8086, 0x157b, "i210-x", "I210 x",  0 ),

 ifconf now detects the devices, but reports a configuration error of 0x040ee119. 

Configuring (net0 xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx)............................ Error 0x040ee119

I was wondering if anyone has tried using an i210 with this device id and if so what changes may be necessary.  I pulled my snapshot via git at 11am this morning.



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Subject: [ipxe-devel] [PATCH] [intel] Add Intel I210 Gigabit Ethernet PCI ID

[intel] Add Intel I210 Gigabit Ethernet PCI ID

Managed to net-boot without further changes, obviously chip is similar enough to its predecessors.

Signed-off-by: Jens Rottmann <JRottmann at LiPPERTembedded.de>

--- ipxe-b757df7/src/drivers/net/intel.c
+++ ipxe/src/drivers/net/intel.c
@@ -945,6 +945,7 @@
 	PCI_ROM ( 0x8086, 0x1525, "82567v-4", "82567V-4", 0 ),
 	PCI_ROM ( 0x8086, 0x1526, "82576-5", "82576", 0 ),
 	PCI_ROM ( 0x8086, 0x1527, "82580-f2", "82580 Fiber", 0 ),
+	PCI_ROM ( 0x8086, 0x1533, "i210", "I210", 0 ),
 	PCI_ROM ( 0x8086, 0x294c, "82566dc-2", "82566DC-2", 0 ),
 	PCI_ROM ( 0x8086, 0x2e6e, "cemedia", "CE Media Processor", 0 ),  }; _

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